Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ride to Fun

I told you guys I was thinking of some stuff to do and let you know the songs I was listenin to. So I threw this together, I call it "Ride to Fun" theres more to it than just these 3 tracks though, but they're pretty solid so check it out!
Haha inspiration for the title came from a poster I took off the Metra train after Lollapalooza this summer. After you ride to work, ride to fun..with evergreen

1. Perfection
2. Trip
3. Hangover

Still thinkin about that long mix, I gotta get about 20+ songs that I wanna throw together so we'll see what happens over the course of the next month. Maybe I'll throw together a Valentines Day thing in Februrary.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Excited for Drake

Quick post before i'm off to bed... Some of you might have heard the Unstoppable Remix with Drake, Lil Wayne and some dude that doesnt even matter..Santogold? idk maybe thats his name haha who cares. So I have given Drake the overused, illustrious title of Best Rapper Alive. While his counterpart Lil Wayne, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, Weezy F Baby, Weezy, BMJR, and whatever the hell else he wants to be called claims he is the best alive, I think he has passed the crown (or lost it) to Drake. However, I will say this is one of the worst Drake verses I have ever heard and Weezy rips it, so idkkkkkkk. But the new Drake mixtape is coming out "So Far Gone" and the album art has been released (I did a little editing to it, eg: blue tint and soft focus on the wording) so check it out and below is the link to Unstoppable

Tell Everybody That You Know

I'm also thinkin about making another party mix so look out for another hour plus mix that you can just turn on and go cruise control. I was at a lame ass party the other night with dude DJing on his iPhone. (WTFFFFFFFF!!!) C'mon now thats not even rookie shit, thats Pop Warner. Idk what to even say plus the dude was wack as hell stoppin songs in the middle for some bs I havent heard since like 1999. Shit was too sorry. I basically just stood around the whole time wishin I coulda brought somethin and DJ'ed that mess. HA maybe I should do an infomercial, I'll get Billy Mays to do it.

"Ever been at a lame ass party with a wack DJ? Well DJ EVERGREEN brings you a party mix guaranteed to improve the party!!! No more stopping and starting the music, Evergreen brings you a continual mix better than anything you could do with an iPod! Orders are limited, shipping is free call 1-800-EVERGRN now and get your CD in the mail. It's only $5.99! But thats not all! If you order today you get the Evergreen CD, and a car air freshener shapped like a tree! Thats still not all! All those who order will have an opportunity to have DJ EVERGREEN come spin a party at your house! Never worry about those lame parties and tired DJ's again, ORDER TODAY!!" Haaha or something like that you know?

Alright, so today I'm resting since its the Lord's day. Just kidding, well not really. I did take the day off but not for any religious reasons. I'm just tired as can be. Monday I'ma try and throw a couple songs out. Right now I'm listenin to:
"Blame it on the alcohol"- Jamie Foxx

"I Run"- Slim Thug
"Numb it Down"-Clipse
"We Can Make it Better"-Kanye feat. Talib
"The Haters Wish"-Clipse

So we'll see what I can do with that.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Change It Up a Bit..

So guys I decided that 2009 + January 20th = Time for me to change my blog..haa. So I decided to "step my game up" I guess you could say and get a layout that looks a little more professional. It takes alot of work each gadget I had to play around with to see where it looks best. Right now I'm not too happy about the placement of my "Currently Listening To" section but check it out its at the bottom of the posts. If you're ever wondering how I come up with this or what type of music I even listen to its gonna be right there. I'll update it as much as possible too. Leave me some comments, write in my chat, email me, it dont matter I want some criticism. Constructive preferably but if you wanna hate on me, by all means vent, I'll still respond to you. Well its kinda late so I'ma post this and goto bed. Goodnight guys...


Friday, January 23, 2009

Limited Edition Album Art

So yeah I'm plannin on making a Cd you know, get some publication make some money hahah. But so here's my album art for Limited Edition. The name came from a shirt I have, made by
Jeepney (SHOUT OUT! haha) you know most rappers and artists like to name drop so I'm gonna do a little bit of that. Jeepney, Triple5Soul, Destroy, Zoo York, Vans, Nike, Jordan, Lot29, American Apparel, Hollister, Ralph Lauren Polo, shitt many more. I rock all of that haha, now how many hardcore rappers out there gonna rock that large of a variety? None other than the kid Evergreen lol also you know I gotta wear the New Era 59/50 hats size 7 5/8's (big head haha)

Alright im gonna stop playin around and drop the album art, this was fun.


hit me up!

Steady Mobbin

Yeah, so I just uploaded the entire Geometric CD..its kinda late I had it ready for release but got swamped with other stuff. But hey! thats just life right? So I've been workin on something else. I'm calling it "Limited Edition". Let's see if I can effectively do an album preview with this one haha!
So coming soon, look out for it. I tried to do something similar to my idol GirlTalk and try some mashups. A couple sound nice and I'll put em on here. Thanks for being patient and I got 2 followers now!?! And 200 visits?!! Damn, I must be doin something right..haha thanks for the support Jeri Holloway and Nellz!

Also check me out on Myspace! Its basically the same songs on here, but you can see some pictures of me haha, and add me as a friend! I only have like 6 right now.. (5 minus Tom lol) so come on you know you wanna be friends with me ;)



Sorry guys, I've been sleeping. Had finals and other stuff so I fell off. Um Geometric will be uploaded to zshare soon for download (Now UPLOADED!). Here's the CD: Enjoy

1. I'm a Scarible Person
2. A Little More Than a Bit
3. Murder
4. Nike Crew
5. Please Let Me
6. Shiny
7. Sick Call
8. Baby Screw
9. Coca Cowboys
10Playa Hata's Ball
11.Diamond Life


Friday, January 9, 2009

Geometric Preview: Day 2

Alrighty realll quick let me knock this one out... Here's another song off of the Geometric
"Nike Boots" by Wale. You probly know it, and I mixed it. Its the 1st track off the CD which is comin soon.

-If its bullshit you want, bullshit I share!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Geometric Preview: Day 1

So I'ma hit you guys up with a 4 day preview of Geometreic. Heres one of the first ones I did and Mannnnnn I told you guys I went crazy and that 2009 I'm gonna change it up. I channeled my inner DJ Screw when I mixed up this one. But of course I still kept a little of the Evergreen in there haha can never get too far away from the original ya'll. Southernplayalisticcadillacfunkymusik by Outkast is the song but I call it Baby Screw; cuz I'ma Baby DJ Screw lol naw i'm just playing I havent gotten on that level yet but maybe one day...check it out

Baby Screw


^ ha i told ya'll I lost my mind I'm goin crazy in 09...its time to PEACE just like the album said

I'm back

Obviously the kid is back. I've been chillin lately on vacation, enjoyin the new year, etc etc. I haven't been in the most mixing of moods haha but the other night it hit me and I just started going wild; I decided I'ma come out with a CD. Titled "Geometric" just cuz its gonna be crazy but its gonna have some balance and its gotta be smooth and even. Its 2009 and I'ma change it up. No more long mixes time to start doin songs. Maybe I'll have a couple retro days and bring back the long party mix. Because lets be honest nothin can touch that Dedication Season, Dipsetlomatic Haze, or even the New Years Mix. (36 I aint sold on that one) So to new comers: Hello you're in for a treat. To Followers: WELCOME BACK! You know I wont dissapoint you. Holla at a playa when you see 'em in the street!


Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years!!

awesome new yearss haha alot of fun
finally after making you wait forever her is the 2009 mix
haha time to peace!!


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