Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cuz when I touch her she like...

So I'm back again! This time I'm bringin you Twista & Trey Songz "Girl Tonight" idk what I can say about this song its old but its still so good. I tried not to mess it up too much hahah so check it out. I'ma bout to head out west for vacation so its gonna be a while on the posts. Next thing i'll bring to you is gonna be the 2009 mixtape! Finally, you have no idea how hard it was for me to sit on it.

Have a good Holiday!


Saturday, December 20, 2008


Somethin quick for you just as a hold over til the 2009 mix drop I'll let you know a little about it...

its about 30 minutes Artists: Drake, Young Dro, Colin Munroe, Trey Songz, Ludacris, Nikki Minaj, Usher, Gucci Mane, Wale, Rich Boy, Bun B

you know its gonna be good, bump it in the car, at the house it don't matter just enjoy 2009 with Evergreen!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My 2nd Job

So on top of mixing, being such a boss DJ and all (haha cuz u know EVERYBODY knows me..ya right) ha so anyways another hobby of mine is film making. That being said, I was out in Cali this summer at a film camp..yes I still goto camp i'm only 17. But so I was out there this summer; to be specific Berkeley. I made a documentary about the tree protest that was goin on out there. If you're from that area or just keep up with the news you know what i'm talkin about. If not heres the sparknotes version:

the university of cal wanted to cut down some trees to build an athletic facility closer to their stadium. but the trees were endangered in the area, and it was illegal to cut them down. a group of protesters found out what was going on and staged a tree sit; since they were living in the trees they couldn't be cut down. it was an ongoing battle when i got there they had been in the trees for 565 days. so they weren't backing down. the court reviewed the case and decided the university has the right to do whatever they want on their own property, the building just had to be earthquake safe. that means trees gone, people kicked out, 567 days and they lost.

the point of that story was to get to this one haha. so its a camp right? and you meet people at camp. i met this dude Cole and he made a sick ass music video for the war in iraq. its not pro or anti anything so check it out!

Cole's Youtube: UnknownProductions


Myspace Message from Sean Fournier!

So I showed Sean Fournier the mix I made of his Cd and he sent me a response. It was definitely unexpected! Haha it might be hard to read but it says
"I listened to you mix and just wanted to reach out and thank you. Sounds favorite part is when you scratch in the Falling For You section...

Keep it up
hope you have a good holiday


haha I'm in shock right now...


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

C'mon over to my Bigg Ass House

Its hard sittin on the 2009 mix but i'm tryin to give you stuff to hold you over. So here's another track i'm givin you two samples of it ones about 3 min the others about 3.5
its my boy Ludacris back wit DJ Drama "Bigg Ass House" check em out and hit up the poll let me know what you think!! aighttt? ahaha
Click the links below to get to the music


....16 days til 2009 mix!
get ready

Monday, December 15, 2008

New Track

So I decided to create something to hold you over from now until I drop the New Year's mix. Its a remix of "Dope Boys" by Game and Travy Barker. Check it outtttt let me know what you think!
Click the link below to hear the music

"Dope Boys stuck in a Elevator"
Download if your feeling it!


..ha 17 days til the 2009 mix

Sunday, December 14, 2008

nevergreen? Nah I'm forEVERGREEN!

ok ok.. so i've been doin alot of rap mixes so I decided to try and expand. Show a little versatility you know? So I've been on checkin out some of the upcoming artists and I've been obsessed with this guy Sean Fournier. If you haven't heard him check him out; Frostwire is also giving away free downloads of 5 songs off his cd. Which leads me back to what I was talking about before...the mix. So I took those free songs off Frostwire threw em together and came up with this mix. Ready for the title? Falling Holding Another Broken World...Goodbye. (I took a word from each song and incorporated into the title.. creative? thanks ahha) so give it a listen! Link's below to both the mix and Sean Fournier's page. Im tryin to hold off on the next mix I've been creatin alot lately. I got one I'm holdin onto right now for New Year's but I'll try and throw one together before then we'll see. Click the links below for the music

Back again!

Ha like I said on my first post, I'm never gonna fall off!!!! Just like the evergreen pines I'm here alll year baby. So you shouldn't be suprised that I'm back again with another mixtape for you. Nothin too crazy though been a little busy so its shorter than normal, still high quality though. Start you off with a little Lord Infamous...the Scarecrow cuz I miss the days of the old Triple Six Mafia. Any of you down south rap fans of even Mafia fans will feel me on that. So as you can probably tell I like to get crazy with the titles lol so this one's called 36 Chambers of the Unbreakables. It also comes off the LP Lifted Research Gangsters. (Shout out to LRG best clothing line..inspiration for the title) but I decided to scratch the LP and move 36 C.O.T.U. to the CD "All Year Round" alright you know what to do check it out let me know what you think.... Click the link to hear the music!



Alright so I'm back with a second mixtape. Ready for the name?.... Dipset..lomatic...Season. WTH right? Well basically it went like this, I took a request for the mixtape. "I Really Mean It" by The Diplomats was requested. The song is unreal so ofcourse I wanted to throw it in there. So its mixed in there haha its #2 you cant miss it. But so once the mix was complete an hour and half later I was stuck without a title. So what can I do but incorporate Dipset into the title bc they were the inspiration for the whole mix in the first place! So I was gonna call it Dipset Season (idk why I like season so much..) but that wasnt enough I wasnt feelin it. The song aint made by Dipset its by the Diplomats. So i threw matic in there as a shout out to them. Season? hell idk it just sounded like it fit with Dipsetlomatic haha. So check it out link's attached give it a play lemme know what you think Click the link for the music!


First Mixtape

This is my first mixtape I ever made, entitled Dedication Season. The title is a combination of two cd's I was into at the time. Dedication comes from Lil Wayne & DJ Drama Dedication 3 in particular is what I was playin at the time. And the Season comes from Toronto's own Drake aka Aubrey Graham. Comeback Season was his first cd and I cant lie the boy has serious talent..Canada stand up! So I threw the two together. Hit up the link for Dedication Season first mixtape of ya boy DJ Evergreen's mixtape "All Year Round" haha a reference to the name cuz just like the tree I never fall off.

Dedication Season
If you're feelin it give it a download! Put it on your iPod, Zune, it dont matter!


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