Monday, March 2, 2009

All Year Round

On top of mixing music, I'm a huge sports fan. So I decided to start a sports blog on After high school I want to go on to be a Journalism major, so check me out @


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ru Roh!

So apparently some dude in Miami? Idk somewhere has googled me and doesn't like my name because he has the same one.

Dietrich Shaffer

Feb 25 (4 days ago)

Sorry I guess I should explain: My name is Dietz, I'm 27 and have been spinning records since 2000. I googled DJ Evergreen actually to see if anyone else had the name that I use and I found your MySpace. I left you message there explaining how I have used that name for about four years now, in clubs, raves and local CDs here in Florida and in NY. I never really made a myspace or a homepage cuz I wasn't really into the internet, so I'm not saying you need to change it or that I'm mad or anything, just that people were shouting that name from the rafters LONG before you thought of it. Good luck with going Green, keep switching it up.

So basically I have to change my name? Who knows, its funny that I got this because I had been thinking about changing it. But I can't really think of anything better, also I dont want to have to get new art and change the layout lol. I'm very lazy. So right now I'm staying with EVERGREEN! If you got any ideas on what I should change it to let me know, I'm open to all comments.

I'm comin with some new stuff been in the studio.

Shout out to DJ Exclusive and!



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