Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Coming Soon: Houstatlantavegas Greenmix

It's about 3:17 AM right now. I have school in the morning. In fact, my alarm is set to go off at 6AM so I can finish some homework. After school I have track, so its going to be a long day. I probably won't get home until about 6ish? Yeah so that's going to suck. ALOT!!

The reason for that explanation is to let you know (whoever it is that reads this..) that I have spent about the past hour, hour and a half?, maybe even two hours making a remix to "Houstatlantavegas" I'm diggin the track alot and I'm a huge Drake fan. Ha plus all these people are coming to my site for the lyrics to the song. I figured you guys are obsessed with the song as I often am when I search for lyrics.
Therefore any of you that are looking for the lyrics to Houstatlantavegas, I encourage you to check out my remix. (Also known as a Greenmix LOL yeah I'm getting creative these days;especially when its about 330 in the A-M.)

And for my loyal followers and listeners! (..if there are any?) check it out as well!!

Mine sounds nothing like his, what else is new? I'll post it in the morning/tomorrow sometime!

EVERGREEEN aka originator of the "Greenmix"



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