Monday, February 23, 2009

Going everGreen

What up!!? Haven't been here in a minute so let me get a quick post in. Basically I just got back in the studio. The last greenmix took alot out of me so I've just been chillin waitin for a song to come my way so I can murk it haha.

Looks like "Freeze" by T-Pain & Chris Brown is next on the list.
I know its a little dated, but come on now! You know I wont dissapoint! (Atleast I hope not ;) Ha I'm letting the smile be the end parentheses as well. Basically Freeze is in the studio right now I'm tryin to mess with it, do somethin I haven't done before. I never want to get predictable.

Any requests or suggestions let me know. My contact information is on the website.

Also hit me up on myspace or youtube if you got something.
I'm blowin up ya'll that youtube hit over 4,000 views in 2 weeks. For a no name I'd say thats pretty good.

I sent some of my stuff to DJ Exclusive over at hopefully he likes some of what I gave him and will plug me on that website. Even if he doesnt though, for everyone readiong this WWW.SHOWTIMEHIPHOP.COM is a premier site for new hip hop releases and music videos. I stay on getting all my music from there.

Well it's late and you guys know I'm only 17 haha so I need to goto bed.
ps 3/14 holla at ya boy gonna be 18. I'ma probly throw together a party mix for my own birthday. I figure its my birthday, I know what kinda music I like to listen to, so I'll make my own party mix haha. I'm crazy if you guys haven't noticed lol.

Alright time to dip I'll see you later. Thanks for all the support and the site traffic. If you're hear for the lyrics enjoy. If you're hear for my music I'm sure you're enjoying yourselves. I try to bring you nothing but the best.



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