Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tell Everybody That You Know

I'm also thinkin about making another party mix so look out for another hour plus mix that you can just turn on and go cruise control. I was at a lame ass party the other night with dude DJing on his iPhone. (WTFFFFFFFF!!!) C'mon now thats not even rookie shit, thats Pop Warner. Idk what to even say plus the dude was wack as hell stoppin songs in the middle for some bs I havent heard since like 1999. Shit was too sorry. I basically just stood around the whole time wishin I coulda brought somethin and DJ'ed that mess. HA maybe I should do an infomercial, I'll get Billy Mays to do it.

"Ever been at a lame ass party with a wack DJ? Well DJ EVERGREEN brings you a party mix guaranteed to improve the party!!! No more stopping and starting the music, Evergreen brings you a continual mix better than anything you could do with an iPod! Orders are limited, shipping is free call 1-800-EVERGRN now and get your CD in the mail. It's only $5.99! But thats not all! If you order today you get the Evergreen CD, and a car air freshener shapped like a tree! Thats still not all! All those who order will have an opportunity to have DJ EVERGREEN come spin a party at your house! Never worry about those lame parties and tired DJ's again, ORDER TODAY!!" Haaha or something like that you know?

Alright, so today I'm resting since its the Lord's day. Just kidding, well not really. I did take the day off but not for any religious reasons. I'm just tired as can be. Monday I'ma try and throw a couple songs out. Right now I'm listenin to:
"Blame it on the alcohol"- Jamie Foxx

"I Run"- Slim Thug
"Numb it Down"-Clipse
"We Can Make it Better"-Kanye feat. Talib
"The Haters Wish"-Clipse

So we'll see what I can do with that.


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