Saturday, January 24, 2009

Change It Up a Bit..

So guys I decided that 2009 + January 20th = Time for me to change my blog..haa. So I decided to "step my game up" I guess you could say and get a layout that looks a little more professional. It takes alot of work each gadget I had to play around with to see where it looks best. Right now I'm not too happy about the placement of my "Currently Listening To" section but check it out its at the bottom of the posts. If you're ever wondering how I come up with this or what type of music I even listen to its gonna be right there. I'll update it as much as possible too. Leave me some comments, write in my chat, email me, it dont matter I want some criticism. Constructive preferably but if you wanna hate on me, by all means vent, I'll still respond to you. Well its kinda late so I'ma post this and goto bed. Goodnight guys...


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